DOORfx is using the door as your canvas!

It is, the highest quality imagery on doors that creates an endless range of artistic designs and unique options to enhance any environment, theme, or brand.  This includes our trademarked and patented (US# 8,037,820,B2) imaging process on fire-rated doors, for two types of applications; a direct-print (onto door facing) process and a graphic vinyl film with a protective laminate layer and adhesive back to be applied to door.

Below are images from a few projects to show the variety of DOORfx applications and a brief photo sequence showing what we can do with a standard primed hardboard (flat) door skin panel.  For more extensive viewing of our project photos, please visit our GALLERY.  




Barn-DOORfx Sliders


Themes & Brands

The following photo sequence shows our ability to take a standard primed hardboard door skin (flat) panel and team it with our high quality imaging capabilities, to achieve the look of a Walnut Stile & Rail 9-Panel door design with 3-D "fx"    

Primed Hardboard door skin panel prior to printing

AFTER: Stile & Rail 9-Panel with groove fx   CLOSE-UP of section with bottom rail and groove
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